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Dew Wellness: Kicking Anxiety’s Ass with Founder Ariana Caparelli

May 2023 | Written by Suni Crane

Ariana Caparelli, the founder of Dew Wellness and creator of our favorite anxiety reliever, Dew Drops, struggled with anxiety issues for years. While working in a sales job that was less than ideal, her mental health began to decline. Being stuck in a vicious cycle of waking up and taking Adderall to perform at work, then going home to unwind with a bottle of wine, it wasn’t long until she realized this lifestyle was not sustainable; it was actually fueling her anxiety and wreaking havoc on her nervous system.

Ariana’s mother, being the holistic guru she is, recommended she try kava oil to help balance her nervous system. Why do all mothers know best? 

It all started with a bit of the kava oil in her morning coffee, followed by a concentrated kava shot, which brought her a newfound feeling of balance. She began to feel like herself once again–free from anxiety and finally able to control her life.

“On tough days, I know I can always turn to my Dew Drops to help manage my stress and anxiety.”

About a year prior, Ariana lost her brother to suicide. She knew that in some way, somehow, she had to share his story and create something impactful for the world by helping others who may be suffering as well. Her passion brewed for starting a brand that aligned with these values; she not only wanted to help those struggling with mental health but to do it by providing a natural alternative.

Once the realization hit, Ariana ensued on her journey to find a long-term, sustainable solution to bring back control, and she knew that it needed to be natural and plant-based. The goal was to marry her two passions: kava as a natural, long-term solution for stress and anxiety and speaking up about mental health to make others feel supported, understood and heard. 

The combination of these passions led to the vision of Dew Wellness. Ariana’s passion steamrolled into building a brand that empowers others to take control of their emotional well-being by providing them with natural remedies and solutions to manage stress and anxiety, all while making a lasting impact on the community and normalizing the conversation around mental health.

The brand is “dewing” all it can to help others because everyone deserves to be well.

Dew’s overarching mission is to help normalize mental health conversations, which is being achieved by giving back to non-profit organizations that are breaking the silence and helping to spread suicide prevention awareness.

“Dew” symbolizes the calm and stillness one feels in the early morning when there is dew spread on the ground outside, and everything is quiet before the rush and chaos of the day begin. Dew Wellness hopes to bring this feeling back with their products.

Dew Details

Dew Drops is an organic, vegan, all-natural kava oil tincture that has been designed to de-stress and bring a sense of balance into your life. What sets this product apart from so many others is the quality and potency of the kava oil. The blend is pure and potent, making it 3x stronger than other tinctures on the market; not to mention it has a very muted taste which makes it that much easier to take straight or mixed into your favorite drink.

Dew Drops are certified organic and sustainably harvested, while the kava is Noble Certified. Being made in the USA, this alcohol-free, non-habit-forming, and non-intoxicating product will be your new go-to to combat those unwanted feelings of stress and anxiety. Plus, it’s made in a GMP and ISO 9001-certified facility, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Our Honest Product Review

I got my hands on a tincture of Dew Drops about a month ago, and I have used them five times in total. To set the scene, I am a huge vitamin fanatic and am very passionate about all things natural and clean. I had not tried kava prior, but I religiously use ashwagandha and other adaptogens as a fix for mild stress, anxiety, and depression. 

One thing I’ve been trying to combat is the anxiety that randomly washes over me after finishing a strong cup of coffee; this is not an everyday issue, but when it happens, it’s hard to talk myself into a calm state. I always ensure I eat a balanced breakfast before enjoying my morning coffee, but even this trick wasn’t helping me. I squeezed the lid and filled my dropper to the very top with oil, then put an entire dropper full of product under my tongue. Within an hour, I felt at ease. It was as if a calm cloud washed over me and stripped me of that weird tightness in my chest that I couldn’t seem to shake on my own. I compared it to the feeling of maybe having 2 or 3 sips of my favorite red wine – calming and nowhere near out of control. Long story short, Dew Drops will be an indefinite repurchase for me.

To learn more about Ariana and Dew Wellness, visit their website and get your hands on these amazing drops.

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