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🤝🏼Let’s Ditch The Hangovers 🤝🏼

March 2023 | Written by Suni Crane

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I know I’ve told you to break up with a lot of things, but I’m adding one more thing to the list: hangovers. Self-care and healthy habits have been a huge focus for so many throughout 2022 and into 2023.

It was only so long before we collectively agreed that hangovers are no longer going to be a part of our morning routine. Sometimes it seems like alcohol is the best option when trying to be social, make friends and have an all-around good time, but we have to ask ourselves, “do the negatives outweigh the positives?”

For those who experience day-after-drinking anxiety or “hangxiety,” you know the not-so-delightful feeling of waking up with a head or stomach ache and endlessly replaying every conversation you had the night before. It may seem like excessive drinking wipes out anxiety for the night, but it actually compounds it all for the next day…fun, right?!

By no means am I telling you to cut out alcohol completely, but I will say everything is better in moderation. Think about the small steps you take when starting a healthy diet; balance is everything. If your favorite snack is a bar of chocolate, there is no reason to cut it out completely, just have a balanced amount throughout your week.

When it comes to alcohol, there are countless ways to bring moderation into your night out.

Spice Up Your Go-To Cocktail

Even during GNO, I like to practice a little bit of self-care. I’ve found the perfect way to do so is by adding a few drops of the Sakara Beauty and Detox Water Drops into my favorite cocktail. The Detox Water Drops are filled with an antioxidant-rich blend of chlorophyll that rids the body of toxins. Replenish those lost minerals and rehydrate with the Beauty Water Drops, which are filled with ionic trace minerals to support collagen and give your skin a beautiful glow from the inside out.

Sustainability Facts: From lowering food waste to using recyclable packaging, Sakara keeps sustainability in mind with each of its decisions. The brand works hard to eliminate food waste when preparing products, and what is not used is either donated or composted.

Hangover-Free Drinks

I think we all understand that the more sugar in our cocktail, the more hungover we’ll be, but who wants a bland drink on a night out? An easy go-to for those looking for a tasty, hangover-free drink begins with a trip to the store. Head out to your local grocery and grab your favorite flavor water enhancer (ex. lemonade packet, flavored liquid water enhancing drops) and carry it with you to the bar. Order a vodka, tequila, or gin and soda, then add a splash of flavor!

Now, the real trick to dodging a hangover is ordering water between cocktails. While this may seem boring or like a vibe killer, remember, you’ll never regret drinking a glass of water. I can’t guarantee you’ll wake up hangover-free, but you’ll definitely feel better than you would after sugary margaritas and craft cocktails.

Sober-Curious Drinks / Mocktails

Recently I’ve noticed more bars and restaurants are featuring a list of mocktails and many that have actually piqued my interest. One that I saw recently was a “Nojito”…get it? A mojito was my go-to cocktail for so long and it never really dawned on me to order it without alcohol.

I’ve recently migrated into a sober-curious phase of life where I don’t consider myself exclusively sober, but I rarely drink unless on a special occasion. One of my most recent go-to mocktails is the BrewDog Non-Alcoholic Punk AF, which features notes of juicy tropical fruits and a dash of pine.

I find myself ordering mocktails more often than not, simply because I enjoy the pleasure of a fun drink while having no desire for the alcohol.

My Other Favorites

There’s nothing quite like the pure joy of mixing cocktails at home. The key is to start with a really tasty base and limit the amount of alcohol used. A combination I’ve been enjoying recently is an Aura Bora sparkling water with ½ a shot of tequila or vodka. This cocktail brings a fresh take to the vodka water and two limes that we all know and love.

Sustainability Facts: Aura Bora uses aluminum packaging; aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material. Aura Bora is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which means the company donates 1% of its yearly profit to non-profit organizations devoted to conservation and climate action.

Let’s not forget the classic pizza and beer combo. I love a good sour beer when the occasion arises, but in cases like these, it can be hard to make sustainable and eco-friendly decisions. I recently stumbled upon BrewDog, a sustainable brewing company whose beer actually tastes good, and I simply had to share. My current favorite is the Brewdog Hazy Jane IPA, a Vermont-style IPA with hints of pineapple, stonefruit, mango and a dash of lime.


Sustainability Facts: BrewDog is a Positive Planet Certified Carbon-Negative company that is home to some of the best brews. In 2020, the company purchased a 9,308-acre plot of land in the Scottish Highlands. BrewDog began planting trees on this land in 2022, which began its journey of creating the largest reforestation and peatland restoration projects the UK has ever seen.

Whether you partake, abstain or you’re somewhere in between, try to work sustainability into each decision while also ensuring your health is at the top of your mind. At the end of the day, do what feels right for your body and mind; either way, we’re rooting for you.