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Everything Delaney Childs

We are excited to sit down with the one-and-only Delaney Childs! Delaney and her boyfriend, Clayton, live in beautiful Southern California but can be found traveling all around the world. Delaney shares everything fashion, lifestyle, home, and her own brand, Boyed. You can find her on her website, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. We hope you enjoy getting to know Delaney a little more through this exclusive Q&A!

Question: In your own words, who is Delaney Childs?

Answer: ah what a loaded question! Very thought provoking. I would describe myself as an ambitious, spirited and curious person constantly striving towards learning, growing, and adventuring. 

Question: How are you defining happiness these days and what makes you most happy? 

Answer: Happiness is a state of mind – a choice we get to make in life. I try to keep in mind that we can’t always decide what happens to us in life but we can decide how we react to it. The simple things make me really happy. Taking some time in nature, spending quality time with loved ones. A good giggle session with my pals. The value of these small things is immeasurable. 

Question: What are your favorite and least-favorite parts about your life as an influencer?

Answer: My favorite parts of this job is the creativity it allows me to incorporate into my life and the flexibility it allows me in terms of scheduling and freedom to travel. I also am extremely grateful and touched by the fact that I am able to connect with so many amazing humans across the globe – that is so cool and wouldn’t really be possible without this medium. 

My least favorite part is for sure the mental health struggles and demands social media can put on you. It can be a wicked and vicious world full of unhappy people putting strangers down for no apparent reason. Even if you are thick skinned like myself you still don’t like to see that happening to anyone and it does a lot as an influencer. 

Question: What’s a secret about Clayton that he’d be OK with you sharing? 

Answer: Hmmm…I think he’d be okay with me sharing the story of him graduating college. The day of graduation one of his professors thought he had cheated on one of his tests and was going to fail him. Which would mean he wouldn’t graduate. And the funny part was we were already “celebrating” his graduation at a party at my family home. When he received the email it was like he had seen a ghost and definitely went into major panic mode but kept it cool in front of everyone. It ended up getting resolved and there was no issue but it was extremely chaotic and looking back we think it’s so funny. I don’t think we’ve ever shared that story with our audience before!

Question: If you could go back to 10-years old, what advice would you give yourself?

Answer: Just to follow your dreams. It will all work out. You don’t have to worry about figuring it out because your path will find you. Just stay open and accept what comes your way and embrace the journey 🙂 

Question: Do you think 10-year old Delaney is proud of who you are today? 

Answer: Absolutely. I’ve been able to experience so many things that I once dreamed of and I’ve stayed true to myself and I know my younger self is proud of me for that. 

Question: Have you ever gotten caught stealing something? If yes, tell us the story!

Answer: There was a point in high school where we thought it was cool or something to shoplift. It obviously was not and I’m not proud of that but it was a time. It was only a one day thing I might add. But a couple of my friends and I tried to steal a pair of underwear from Macy’s. So stupid and wrong of us. We got caught. And I was terrified of how my mom would react. She was definitely not the person I ever wanted to upset or disappoint. And my friends knew that and they also had slightly more lenient parents I would say so they ended up taking all the fall so that I could walk away without the burden of dealing with my upset mom. True friends love them both to this day and would definitely never try to steal again! 

Question: What are three things you’re grateful for right now?

Answer: I’m grateful for the health of my family and friends – something we should never take for granted but especially in these trying times. I’m also thankful for the support and love of Clayton – he’s my rock. And I’m thankful for this wonderful book I’m reading about Yogananda – it’s called the Autobiography of a Yogi. It’s so amazing. Yogananda was a figure my mom always taught us about growing up so it is both nostalgic and transformative for me to read such a spiritually exhilarating book. 

Question: What do you still need to accomplish to make your life complete?

Answer: I’m not too sure on that. I don’t usually like to plan life out too much. I enjoy being pleasantly surprised by what comes my way. But I definitely want to keep exploring the world, adventuring, learning and trying new things! 

Question: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received that you want to pass on to everybody reading this? 

Answer: My grandpa always says “the harder you work the luckier you get” and we all love that advice. It doesn’t even have to be applied to ‘work’ in a traditional sense. It’s just a good attitude to have to help keep you motivated in many aspects of life.

“the harder you work the luckier you get”