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Kelsey DiPrima-Hall: Energetic, Down to Earth, & Iconic

We are so excited to sit down with Kelsey DiPrima-Hall! Kelsey comes to Togeth3r from sunny Southern California where she lives with her husband (Austin) and their two dogs. Kelsey blogs on everything home, fashion, beauty, and health related, and she isn’t afraid to push the boundaries on it all. You can find Kelsey on her website and on Instagram.

Question: In your own words, who is Kelsey DiPrima-Hall? 

Answer: I’d say I am a full of energy, say it how it is, sassy and fiery wife and dog mom! 

Question: How are you defining happiness these days and what makes you most happy? 

Answer: Happiness is everywhere around me and so many things fill my happy bucket!! To name a few I would say my dogs, traveling, designing our home remodel, my two nieces and the idea of starting a family with my husband!!

Question: What are your favorite and least-favorite parts about your profession as a full-time blogger and influencer?

Answer: My favorite thing is definitely the freedom and flexibility I have from working for myself! Along with being able to work anywhere and getting to travel as a job — I’d say those are the highlights!

My least favorite thing is how people forget you’re a real person and forgot all their manners when talking to you. My biggest pet peeve is when people message me but don’t say “hi” or “please” or “thank you” and how people feel comfortable saying anything to you simply because you put your life on the internet! I’d say there’s a lot more I love about my job than dislike 🙂

Question: What are your thoughts on social media? If it wasn’t a big part of your profession, do you think you’d spend a lot of time on social media? 

Answer: Honestly, I love social media. I think its such an amazing creative outlet for people, allows people to connect all over the world and has allowed so many small business to thrive! I would for sure stick around even my job wasn’t making me!

Question: Who is your hero today? If we asked 10-year-old Kelsey the same question, who would she say is her hero?

Answer: Currently I would say my hero is my husband. He’s a Deputy Sheriff and has so much love for his job. More importantly he has so much compassion for the people he deals with everyday and when he comes home and tells me about his day, I just know he’s doing exactly what he should be doing and is such an asset to our community. 

My 10-year-old self would say my mom! I will always look up to her! She was a single mom of 4 kids and provided me with such an amazing life. I truly couldn’t imagine being my age and raising 4 children alone. She also has the best heart ever 🙂

Question: When was the last time you cried? And, why? 

Answer: Last night (lol), I LOVE a good cry! I was reading a book (It was called “Reminders of Him” by Colleen Hoover), which is my favorite past time, and if the book doesn’t make me cry then I don’t want it. I also cry during every Grey’s Anatomy episode. I don’t typically cry over things in my life, only books and TV shows (is that weird?!?!)

Question: What actress would play you in a movie based on your life? 

Answer: Julia Roberts for sure! She’s iconic and all my favorite movies star her! Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich are so iconic because of her.

Question: Have you ever dine-and-dashed at a restaurant?

Answer: NO! I could never!!! But I did get caught stealing when I was 16 and arrested for it so I don’t know what’s worse?!?

Question: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received that you want to pass on to everybody reading this?

Answer: Life is made of little moments! I actually have it tattooed on me as well! No matter how big a specific event in your life feels, how bad it may hurt or feel like it’s ruining everything… just remember that its only one small moment in a life full of millions!! Nothing is as big as we make it seem.

Life is made of little moments.