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Get to Know Sarah Fagan: Social Media, Pool Floats, & Everything in Between

Question: In your own words, who is Sarah Fagan? 

Answer: This question typically scares me – but here we go! I am a born-and-raised Jersey girl who is now living in South Florida. I have been working on the brand side of social media and influencer management for about 3 years now and would not change it for the world. I don’t have myself fully figured out yet – I am an introverted extrovert. I’d like to think I’m funny and adventurous with a splash of insane. 

Question: How are you defining happiness these days and what makes you most happy? 

Answer: Happiness can be defined in a lot of ways – whether that means spending time with loved ones, exercising, or even just watching your favorite show on tv. These days happiness is more of a state of mind which I am slowly working my way towards.

Question: What are you most excited about with life right now?

Answer: There are A LOT of changes going on in my life! Which is slightly terrifying but I am very excited about it! One major excitement right now is the take off of Gator Floats – both Elle and I are ecstatic about the brand and are super excited to see where this journey takes us! 

Question: Who is your hero today? If we asked 10-year old Sarah the same question, who would she say is her hero?

Answer: My hero is and always will be my Grandpa. (sappy) But that man is my heart.. There is no one reason why – just that he has a beautiful soul and has blessed so many people around him in such a positive way. We need 1000x more Eugene’s on this earth. 

Question: When was the last time you cried? And, why? 

Answer: Literally cried 20 minutes before filling this out. I think I cry at least twice a week – whether that be a happy or sad cry there’s always water coming out of these eyes!!! The reason I just cried is I saw a TikTok of an old man getting reunited with his wife after having COVID when they haven’t been separated that long in 20+ years. TALK ABOUT PULLING AT THE HEARTSTRINGS! 

Question: Who would play you in a movie based on your life? 

Answer: Sandra Bullock. The only reason I really have for this choice is that she’s literally amazing in Miss Congeniality so she must play me. 

Question: What is a lie you told that you still feel guilty about?

Answer: I cannot think of one lie specifically but one thing that I do lie about is when I am asked if something is wrong / if I am ok and I say I am okay when in reality that might not always be the case. It’s a guilty feeling not so much that I am “lying” but I feel guilty pushing my emotions/ feelings onto someone else! 

Question: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received that you want to pass on to everybody reading this? 

Answer: One thing that has stuck with me is to not take life so seriously. Sometimes we all get caught up in the little things that make most of us spiral. Take a step back and BREATHE! Mental health is so important. Everything happens for a reason and life will go on!