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Tips For Tackling Seasonal Depression

January 2023 | Written by Suni Crane

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Seasonal depression is a very real and complex thing to face, especially when it hits us at the same time year after year. We have compiled a few tips that have worked for us, but sometimes it’s best to seek a professional for a bit more guidance. Sesh is an easy-to-use mental health platform that offers virtual support groups led by licensed therapists, which we know can help ease how we’re all feeling this time of the year. ((Oh, and by the way, Togeth3r members receive 6 months of free sessions with Sesh.)) 

Implement a Consistent Morning Routine

As the sun peeks through your window, the most important part of your day begins. By creating and implementing a personalized morning routine, you are inviting energy and productivity into your day. A solid morning routine is also known to lessen anxious feelings throughout the day. Whether journaling, reading, meditating, cooking, or working out, make sure to set aside time each morning for yourself.

Try Something New Each Week

Similar to trying a new recipe each week, set aside time to try a new, fun activity each week to bring spontaneity into your life. Start a puzzle, read a new book, try new foods/desserts, or even a new restaurant in town! Even walking around and exploring your city can be a rejuvenating way to get fresh air and sightsee.

Implement a Workout Routine

Taking the time each day to get active and move your body is a great way to show your body some extra love during tougher times of the year. Implementing a solid workout routine is a great way to reduce stress and release endorphins. Dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to at-home yoga, a new fitness class, or simply taking a “hot girl walk.” For added motivation, treat yourself to a new sustainable fitness set from Seaav – look good while you’re moving!


Talking it out is great, but sometimes we need to sit and really think through each of our thoughts. Writing and documenting small things each day is a great way to reconnect with yourself. Try listing 3 things that make you happy each day and find yourself being grateful for more than just the obvious.

Test Out a New Recipe Each Week

Hop on Pinterest and start a recipe board. Set aside one night per week to go to the grocery store, grab specialty ingredients and test out a new recipe. Not only will this allow you to try new foods each week, but it’ll improve your cooking skills. As you master new recipes, write them down for generations to come in a Jot & Mark’s Recipe Binder! Give yourself a night to look forward to each week; you deserve it! (Bonus points for seasonal soups)

Start Taking Supplements 

Healthline lists their top 10 supplements to help with depression, beginning with Saffron. Winged Wellness’ Happy Her Mood Boosting Gummies feature Saffron which is known to increase serotonin levels in the brain. Onto Vitamin D, Winged Wellness offers the Happiness Daily CBD Soft Gels with Vitex Berry & Vitamin D, which aids in daily mood support and a healthy hormone balance. For an added calming effect, Winged created the Chilled Out Powder with Calming Magnesium & Ashwagandha.

For an aesthetic and fun reminder to take your daily vitamins, Cadence’s Build your 6 is the ideal way to organize. Cadence has created a customizable bundle that sorts your vitamins and other travel essentials so you can take control of your routine.

Weekly Reset

Designate one day each week to give yourself a reset. Plan your meals for the week and  take a trip to the grocery store. Clean your home, light a candle and put crisp, clean sheets on your comfy bed. Spend the night doing self-care to the fullest extent; I’m talking face masks, bubble baths and your favorite drink in a fancy glass.

Make Time for Sexy Time

The “feel-good” chemicals that are released during sex include hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, which can play a helpful part in improving your mood and making you feel happier. Having sex can also help you connect with others, which social connection is often helpful for people with seasonal depression. Don’t have your usual libido during these cold months? Check out Coconu to find the best clean personal lubricants – you won’t regret this!