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What is “Lucky Girl Syndrome”?

January 2023 | Written by Suni Crane

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Any avid scroller on Tiktok knows about “lucky girl syndrome” and its never-ending positive reviews. Tiktok videos tagged with #luckygirlsyndrome have amassed over 186 million views, so we knew it was time to do a deep dive. We all want to be lucky, but what does it really mean to have “lucky girl syndrome”?

Chances are, most of us have stood facing the bathroom mirror telling ourselves “I am going to kill it today” or “I’m a badass who is capable of anything!” Positive affirmations are anything but new; from hyping yourself up on your first day at a new job, to reminding yourself of your greatest qualities. We’ve seen how a positive mindset can help our daily confidence and mood, but what if we added another layer to the cake?

“Lucky girl syndrome” is described as believing you are extraordinarily lucky, to the extent of everything going your way. Instating this belief allows you to almost manifest the life of a “lucky girl.” A pretty strong tie seems to connect this TikTok trend to the Law of Attraction. The law is best explained as directing your focus and energy toward what you’d like to achieve, and it will lure the desired outcome into your life.

The easiest way to get your luck flowing is to announce your desired luck as if it has already occurred.

“I am so lucky; each day my luck grows”
“I am the luckiest girl in the world”
“Everything always works out in my favor”

By simply believing you are lucky, you are inviting positivity into your daily routine.

So what happens once we’ve caught “lucky girl syndrome”?! We have a few tips to help you keep and optimize your “lucky girl syndrome.” 

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Some believe “lucky girl syndrome,” manifestation and the Law of Attraction are B.S. while others attribute most of their good fortune to the positive practice. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, most of us can agree that this practice is a trendy and fun way to encourage ourselves to focus on our goals and bring out the inner badass.