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If you spend all year looking forward to summer, only to have it slip through your fingers once it finally arrives, you are not alone. Truthfully, it's hard to capture every magical moment of the season when you're busy adulting. And we're instead left to fill our days dreaming about seaside escapes and tropical beverages. However, since we can't spend every day lounging on the beach while sipping a pina colada, we've sought the next best thing: beach nails. No matter your style aesthetic, these 10 beach nail ideas will transport you seaside and give you peak summer vibes even when you're stuck at the office. Keep scrolling to learn more.

What are beach nails?

As the name suggests, beach nails encapsulate everything that represents summer. They’re all about blue and green hues that call to mind thoughts of the ocean, nudes reminiscent of sandy shores, yellows as bright as the sun, and the vibrant pinks and oranges in a summer sunset. In essence, beach nails evoke the feeling of soaking up the sun on a cloudless summer day, sand between your toes, and the cool ocean breeze on your skin.

But perhaps the best part is that there are no rules for rocking this summer nail trend. Whether you opt for 3D seashells or a muted beige French tip is totally up to you—beach nails are fully customizable to your liking. Which means that you can play them up or tone them down however you want to. And with so many possibilities, the beach nail ideas out there are truly endless; you won’t find yourself lacking inspiration for your next nail look. What’s more, while you can recreate beach nails via a professional manicurist or trusted press-ons, you can absolutely DIY them yourself, too; the choice is yours!

Is this the most groundbreaking summer nail look? No, but that’s the beauty of this trend—it’s a playful, elevated take on classic summer shades; they evoke feelings of happiness and nostalgia, and you can’t ask for much more than that out of a manicure.

Beach Nail Ideas

1. 3D Seashells
2. Shimmering Beach Swirls
photo cred: @pearliepressed
3. Baby Blue Chrome
4. Iridescent Mermaid Nails
5. Sandy Chrome
photo cred: @aimeemoriarty
6. Coconut Milk
7. Pink Starfish Nails
8. Aquamarine Shimmer
9. Sunny French Tips
10. Shells and Starfish
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