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Written by Suni Crane


Our Capricorn friends are the ones to always show up–they’re the reliable ones. The responsible tendencies of a Capricorn lead us to believe they’d be a juice + alcohol combo. The drink mixture that is our go-to. Capricorns are likely ordering a Cranberry Vodka or Tequila Pineapple.


The Aquarius friend is a deep thinker, one who tends to get philosophical as the night progresses…especially after a few drinks. A lot of different cocktails seem to fit the Aquarius personality. Our unpredictable Aquarius friend keeps us on our toes with what they’ll order next. Maybe they’ll get a little crazy and order the bar’s featured cocktail of the night!


A Pisces is a true romantic. The kind that enjoys romanticizing every detail of their life. Nothing says dreamy love quite like a classy glass of red wine. The Pisces is one to know their wines and order a glass (or a few) of their absolute favorite.


Our Aries friend likes to get courageous with their drink order. They stick to their favorite alcohol as the base, but once it gets to the mixer portion, they like to get a little brave and try something new. The energetic Aries likes to push the boundaries a bit by trying a new drink each night!


The Taurus loves to order an artsy drink. Most of the time they’ll stick with a tried and true soda + alcohol combo but then specifically request a nice garnish to jazz it up. Think vodka or tequila soda with a sprig of rosemary and an orange slice to beautify each sip; maybe even a dash of grenadine to brighten up their cup.


Our outgoing Gemini friend is definitely ordering the same as whoever they’re chatting it up with at the bar. Their adventurous and adaptable personalities will push them to try new things during a night out. This may be painful in the morning after mixing different alcohols all night, but they’d do it all over again!


The cancer friend is extremely loyal to their order. No matter what they choose, they rarely swap it up because of the slight chance they’d hate the new drink. Think Moscow Mule or possibly a tequila soda with a very specific amount of limes.


Our confident Leo friend is straight to the point with their order. On the rocks with a squeeze of lime or maybe a classic cocktail. Either way, it better be made to their liking or they’re sending it back for a fresh pour.


The Virgo friend is a perfectionist at heart. They know what they like and they know exactly how it should taste. Due to their perfectionist nature, they’ll likely order something difficult to mess up. Think dirty martini if in a fancier setting or a canned drink if at a chill spot. Their drink better be perfect or they may not even take a second sip.


Libras are all about balance, and nothing screams balance like a refreshing mocktail. Fresh pineapple juice, with a splash of passionfruit and topped with sparkling water for some bubbles. In the true spirit of balance, our libra friend may follow their mocktail with cocktail, and go back and forth between the two all night.


The passionate Scorpio is definitely ordering a classic cocktail loved by the masses. A cosmo is likely their go-to order as they look like a sex-in-the-city character while enjoying it. They’re passionate about what they like and how they look while sipping it.


Our spontaneous Sagittarius friend is absolutely ordering an espresso martini way too late in the night. Their natural energy is always overflowing, but that’ll never stop them from ordering their favorite drink. A true martini is never in question, but sign them up for a tasty espresso martini during their night out.

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