Made with Love.

Our Story

Jules Jacobson and Patrick O’Connor are the husband and wife duo who founded Togeth3r.

Jules and Pat have woven their ethos into the very fabric of Togeth3r. For them, giving a d*mn and being conscious isn't about being perfect. It's about taking small, consistent steps towards improvement. They don't claim to be perfect and they don't expect their community to be.

Togeth3r is a journey towards a better future, a shared quest where everyone is welcome. It's not just about brands & products, it's about sharing stories, fostering connections, and building a community dedicated to conscious living.

Our monthly cause

We believe in giving back.

That's why each month, we proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to a different non-profit organization or cause that aligns with our values.

We're passionate about making a positive impact in the world beyond our products. By supporting a variety of worthy causes, we hope to contribute to a brighter future for all.

Paw Works is a non-profit animal rescue dedicated to partnering with animal shelters to give abandoned animals a second chance at life.

Proceeds from every purchase this month are directly donated to Paw Works.

To learn more about Paw Works, visit