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Written by Suni Crane

There’s been an uptick in twenty-somethings hosting dinner parties, which may have all started with Friendsgiving. This event is the celebration of Thanksgiving with your friends, typically done by hosting the group for dinner.

It can be hard to prioritize friendships during the holiday season, but hosting Friendsgiving makes it much easier! Whether it’s your first or 5th, you’ll love our tips and tricks for hosting the ultimate Friendsgiving.

The typical structure of Friendsgiving is each friend brings an entree, side, dessert, or even tasty cocktails!

Tip #1

Play Bartender as Your Friends Arrive!

There’s nothing quite like being greeted at the door by a refreshment. Make your friends feel special with an immediate moment to catch up and give a warm hug while you hand off their cocktail or mocktail!

Tip #2

Be Prepared to Serve!

Serving platters are incredibly important when hosting, especially if you plan to place all food options on the dinner table and allow your guests to pass around each dish.

A stunning option to set you up for hosting success is the Our Place Ultimate Hosting Set. Featuring the Party Coupes, Loop Napkins, Gather Platters, and Mini Bowls, this set has everything and more to impress your guests!

Tip #3

Spend Time With Each Guest!

Cruise the party and catch up with each of your guests. If any guests have not met, introduce them– specifically, before serving dinner so conversations flow easier! There’s nothing worse than going to a friend’s party and not feeling included, so it's always best to eliminate this problem before it can occur.

Tip #4

Give a Toast!

Once everyone has eaten and a moment arises, raise your glass and give a short toast. When hosting, it is so important to make your guests feel special in every way you can. An amazing way to spread warm fuzzy feelings is to tell everyone how happy you are they joined and how grateful you are for your friendships.

Tip #5

Enjoy Yourself!

This event is not for you to run yourself ragged, trying to achieve perfection. Friendsgiving is about joining your people in an amazing night filled with great food, tasty drinks, and even better conversation. For added fun, bring out some card games and enjoy your time with one another before holiday craziness kicks in!

Happy Friendsgiving!

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