Gut Therapy


Gut Therapy is the ultimate gut reset and impacts your mind, body, and mood. With 95% of our serotonin, 50% of dopamine, and 70% of our immunity created in our gut, optimal gut health is centric to lowering stress, boosting mood, improving brain function, and immunity, boosting metabolism, and enhancing vitality.

Strengthens Gut/Brain-Axis

Healing starts in the gut! Gut Therapy utilizes specific probiotics, amino acids, and plants that encourage optimal communication between the gut and brain to boost mood and optimize mental and overall health.    

Restores & Nourishes The Gut

A proprietary *synbiotic with a blend of prebiotics and probiotics to nourish, restore and maintain optimal homeostasis. Supercharged with beta-glucans from reishi mushrooms and Glutamine to support gut integrity and healing.

Our targeted blend of amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics and botanicals is known to support:

- Memory, Focus, and Mood 

- Healthy Metabolism 

- Healthy Gut Microbiome

Our gut is populated by thousands of gut microbiota that communicate with our brain impacting our mood, and immune system, and regulate our entire biological system. 


L-glutamine is considered a powerful amino acid for soothing the gut lining; a unique nutrient known to provide brain support, immune health, and may aid in reducing junk food cravings and maintaining a healthy body weight.