Perkies PIERCED Nips

Color: Light Nude
Style: Double Pierced

Perkies Nips, Nipple Enhancers with Piercings! 

These adhesive backed nipple enhancers with barbell piercings provide the look of pierced nipples. Whether you want to rock the pierced nipple look but don't want to risk getting an infection, or have had your piercings removed, we've got you covered! These *pierced* nipple enhancers are here to help you rock a new look. 

Perkies PIERCED Nips are the first of their kind.

The piercings are removable in case you want to just rock the perky nip look or a single pierced look. 

Perkies PIERCED Nips can be worn on your bare skin or can be stuck to a bra.